We improve how people work


JumpShift’s programmes develop skills by combining both a strength-based and problem-solving approach to learning.
We use a unique process that combines how people learn and develop (strengths-based) and how organisations improve and grow (root cause problem-solving).

This approach is brought to life in all our workshops and coaching sessions through our unique Diagnose – Inspire – Your Actions process (D.I.Y).


JumpShift’s programmes see participants facilitated through a process to improve their capability.
In each workshop participants diagnose strengths and issues, are inspired by best practice and then plan actions to take back to work before the next workshop or follow-up session.

We create an environment of change

To ensure long term results, JumpShift looks at the wider support context as well, so participants are supported through the implementation with;

  • Best practice toolkits
  • Online collaboration environment
  • Check/adjust processes
  • Manager coaching support

We build on strengths

Participants build on their strengths by using them to tackle some of the root-cause problems they face.

We address weakness

Addressing root-cause problems clears the way for outstanding leadership and productivity, not just for participants but in the workplace overall.


We have combined two different ideas from two different fields.
The first relates to huge amounts of recent research in how people develop and improve performance – people and teams develop far more effectively when playing to strengths.

The second relates to a productivity improvement revolution, as seen in Six sigma, Lean, Theory of Constraints and Agile programming. These build on the idea that a business is a system of connected events and to really improve its performance you need to solve root-cause problems. For example, if we strengthen any link other than the weak link in the chain – the chain won’t get stronger, and companies are just the same.

We combine these two ideas, one from the HR side of business and the other from the process and systems side of business.
What you end up with is training that develops and improves people and simultaneously improves your business performance in tangible ways.

Improved productivity

With our productivity programme, participants save on average two hours per day.  Just think about this for a moment, and imagine if you and your teams had two more hours every day!

Improved leadership

The Leadership programme gets the same results plus 94% of participants are rated by their peers to have dramatically improved their leadership skills. Again, imagine what this could mean for your own business.

“This is the best training I have ever done – it is already tangibly improving our entire group”.

Research principles of the JumpShift methodology

For a copy of the whitepaper covering the research principles of the JumpShift method, by Nick Petrie, click here.

Nick Petrie has a Masters degree from Harvard University, where he focused on the future of leadership development and adult learning pedagogy. He has eight years international experience helping organisations develop their leadership development programmes.


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