The latest from the JumpShift team

October 2nd, 2013

Carl speaking at INFINZ Conference

Carl (our MD) is confirmed to speak at the 2013 Institute of Finance Professionals NZ Conference on October 17th 2013. Carl will be sharing his insights on driving growth and getting an organisation’s DNA right. Delegates will also be guided to get the most actionable insights from the conference with JumpShift’s Diagnose – Inspire – Your action (DIY) framework. Check it out here.

April 23rd, 2013

JumpShift Leadership Action Network

The Leadership Action Network was launched last month, and we’ve now had two fantastic breakfast sessions.

The idea of the group is to get together with a group of leaders from different companies/industries and create a network to help each other tackle our biggest challenges and opportunities.

Check out the next breakfast on May 24th here. Also join the linked in group here. Get in quick if you want to book as seats are limited and we sold out last month!

The Leadership Action Network is an independent group sponsored by JumpShift.

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