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Feeling a bit of end-of-year overload? Two tips to help you feel a bit less frazzled…

Posted by: Emma Sanders-Edwards | Posted on: December 2nd, 2013 | 0 Comments

Challenge yourself to end this year on a high note!

  1. Think action, not perfection. Sometimes our perfectionism can lead to inaction. You don’t want to start a task because you have set an impossibly high standard for yourself. Try dropping that standard to 80%. If you still want to keep to that high standard, start by aiming to complete it to 80%, then going back and improving on it. It’s a lot easier to fix an 80% piece of work than it is to fix a non-existent one! You are better to do something rather than nothing.
  2. Make sure that everything on your ‘To Do’ list is specific enough to be a ‘Next Action‘. According to David Allen – the time management guru who wrote ‘Getting Things Done‘ – actions such as ‘Improve engagement’ are too vague – and if we know we can’t complete them, we subconsciously procrastinate on them. Get specific – ‘Schedule a 30 minute meeting with each team member to find out what would engage them more’.

What is behind this? Psychologists call the nagging impact of unfinished tasks the Zegarnik Effect. Uncompleted tasks tend to pop into our mind until they are completed and this can make you feel overwhelmed. Studies show that even if you just make a plan to deal with something, the unfinished task stops popping into your mind.

So, how can we use this?

Have a look through your To Do list. (If you don’t have a To Do list – that’s your first job – make one!)

  1. Consider what would have to happen for each task if it was just done to an 80% standard. Would it still be OK?
  2. Write down the ‘Next Action‘ for each task or project you have.
  3. Sit down, make a six week plan and slot in when you’re going to do each task. Even if the plan freaks you out – you’ll feel a lot better knowing you’ve got one!

Nick Petrie and Carl Sanders-Edwards discuss…

Posted by: Emma Sanders-Edwards | Posted on: October 2nd, 2013 | 0 Comments

JumpShift Research Advisor Nick Petrie in sunny Denver and JumpShift MD Carl Sanders-Edwards on the Coromandel Peninsula of NZ discuss the biggest challenges leaders face when trying to perform at their potential.

Are you too exhausted and busy to focus on improving how you lead and perform?

Do you find most leadership development efforts a little uninspiring and not worth the effort?

Do you suspect that many of the best people get ejected from your organisation?

Well, you’re not alone and you will find plenty of great inspiration from this discussion.  Take 10 quick mins and hear what Nick and Carl have to say about:

  1.  The biggest challenges leaders face to improve?
  2.  The biggest challenges the people trying to help leaders face?
  3.  What you can do about it?

Nick’s points are informed through his connection with over 30,000 leaders a year and strongly support the unique approach we take at JumpShift.


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