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  • Leadership Development

    This six-workshop programme brings best-practice to life as participants take action to build the confidence required to truly influence their situation.

    Leadership Development
  • Professional Skills

    This six-workshop programme builds on participant’s strengths, so they can make decisions about what actions they will take to change.

    Professional Skills
  • High-Performing Teams

    This one-day hands-on experience teaches participants how to identify and overcome team issues in a simulated team environment.

    High-Performing Teams
  • Executive Coaching

    JumpShift’s one-on-one Executive Coaching develops leaders by combining a strength-based and a root-cause problem-solving approach to development.

    Executive Coaching
  • Programme Design

    JumpShift can partner with you to design, develop and implement innovative learning solutions that support your organisation’s needs.

    Programme Design
  • JumpShift Online

    JumpShift Online programmes bring together the best of cutting edge technology and our DIY methodology to create revolutionary online programmes.

    JumpShift Online

Participants are facilitated through a process to improve their capability. JumpShift’s revolutionary approach builds on what participants are already good at and provides inspiration from best practice models, so participants come to their own decisions about what they should do.

This approach is brought to life in all our workshops and coaching sessions through our unique Diagnose – Inspire – Your Actions process (D.I.Y).

Principles of JumpShift Programmes
  • Relevance – You diagnose and choose actions to improve your own situation
  • Take action – You demonstrate personal leadership and take action to improve your situation
  • Self-Learning – You create a habit for life-long learning through a problem-solving approach
  • Supported – You build a support network to keep improving your leadership capability

  • Increased productivity
  • Identification of talent for further development
  • Running focused business improvement programmes

“Brilliant facilitators”.

“It is the best run course I have been on”.

“Exceeded my expectations”.

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