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This one-day hands-on experience teaches participants how to identify and overcome team issues in an environment that simulates how projects actually unfold.

How does the programme work?

In this one-day experience, participants are actively involved in decision-making situations. JumpShift’s revolutionary approach builds on what participants are already good at and provides inspiration from best practice models, so participants come to their own decisions about what they should do.

Practice real-world scenarios

Participants learn and practice individual and team organisational skills including;

  • Communicating within and beyind the team
  • Setting goals
  • Planning
  • Execution and results

  • Working in a simulated business environment
  • Identification of critical elements that support and hinder your team(s)
  • Taking actions to improve your teams and getting immediate feedback in the form of business results
  • Exposure to insights into how to creating your own high-performance teams
  • Creation of action plans that can be immediately implemented into your real-life teams

“Brilliant facilitators”.

“It is the best run course I have been on”.

“Exceeded my expectations”.

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