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The JumpShift Online programmes bring together the best of cutting edge technology and our DIY methodology to create revolutionary online programmes.  We now offer both our Leadership Development and Essential Skills programmes 100% online.

How does the programme work?

The JumpShift Online programmes, like all JumpShift programmes,  increase your organisation’s productivity and develop a pipeline of talented proactive leaders.  But because the programme is delivered online, you will be able to connect and develop groups working anywhere in the world, as well as saving on travel. 

Thousands of hours of research and testing have allowed us to develop a programme that blends synchronous (everyone working at same time) and asynchronous (people working in their own time) methods to get the best of both worlds.  Our online programmes won’t give your participants irrelevant eLearning material, nor will it make them sit through painfully long collaboration sessions.  Instead we provide:

  • Highly visual and interactive videos that help you explore your strengths and challenges at work – watch and complete exercises when it suits your participants.
  • Short, sharp and highly participatory online sessions with peers and a facilitator, to share and process the video sessions and plan actions to improve performance.
  • Shared space and access to best practice material, experts and peers.
We create an environment of change

To ensure long term results, JumpShift looks at the wider support context as well, so participants are supported through the implementation with;

  • Series of highly interactive videos
  • Best practice toolkits
  • Online collaboration environment
  • Check/adjust processes
  • Manager coaching support

“Brilliant facilitators”.

“It is the best run course I have been on”.

“Exceeded my expectations”.

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JumpShift partnered with VideoNitch to develop the innovative interactive videos for JumpShift Online.

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