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Adaptive Leaders

We focus on growing leaders vertically. Vertically developed leaders are agile in their approach, able to seek out new opportunities and are the types of leaders who actively embrace and lean into change.

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What We Do

Our mission is to directly and positively impact 1 million leaders to be better (who in turn positively impact millions more). 

The best people and companies are always striving to be better, and our mission is to help everyone achieve their goals to do this.  We build learning agility and leadership capability by connecting people and ideas through high impact leadership development and coaching experiences that transform capability, confidence and effectiveness. This creates sustainable behaviour change and inspires smart action in real work and life opportunities.

JumpShift has a strong and growing business based in New Zealand (NZ) with international clients. 

JumpShift Development Limited (JumpShift) provides soft skill development services such as coaching and leadership development that lead to mindset and behaviour change.  We do this with powerful awareness, delivering face-to-face and virtual sessions, supported by technology.  We have been a leader in integrating technology into these experiences where required, to enhance knowledge retention, on-the-job application and overall personal skill development.




Participants diagnose and choose actions to improve their environment.


Predictive matching

Participants demonstrate personal leadership and take action to improve a situation.

Researched based

Current thinking in learning and behaviour change put into practice.


A habit for life-long learning is created through this problem solving approach.



Social proof of your peers learning to develop a culture of improvement.


Participants are part of a community to keep improving capability.

Action Focused

JumpShift programmes are curated by world renowned coaches using our Diagnose – Inspire – Your Action (D.I.Y)TM Method.

Watch your organisation strengthen as leaders not only execute their learnt actions in real time, but also adapt, reflect and iterate to respond in VUCA environments.

Meet the team

Leadership Development

JumpShift co-designs and delivers bespoke leadership development experiences tailored to you, your leaders and organisation. Led by well-recognised facilitators and coaches with fifteen plus years of experience in the leadership sphere, JumpShift’s focus is on the application of best practice and new information, rather than the information itself. That means participants are able to pull relevant information to their situation – what best works for their strengths and their organisation. 

JumpShift Coaching

Many people don’t have someone they can just talk to in confidence. To share their concerns, check their thinking and help look at things from a different perspective. Whether you are looking for someone who you can trust outside your team, or for someone to help you with your team, our pool of JumpShift coaches aim to help leaders adapt to the exciting but challenging opportunities emerging in the workplace.

We build learning agility and leadership capability by connecting people and ideas through high impact coaching that transforms capability, confidence and effectiveness. This creates sustainable behaviour change, inspiring smart action in real work and life.

Elevating Group Development

Elevating Group Development is designed to develop your leadership and facilitation skills, and build on existing expertise and strengths, using real-life context that is relevant to you.  During the programme, you’ll deep dive into five powerful principles to transform how you lead group development experiences.  With the opportunity to collaborate and collect feedback from your expert facilitator and peer group you’ll put theory into practice, applying the principles to your own planned event.

Open Workshops

The Elevating Group Development programme is delivered virtually over four weeks with a follow up session one month following.


Leaders at all levels are facing challenges they have never known before.

It’s no longer enough to be good at what you do…or even the best. Leaders need to have a greater range of understanding, resilience, empathy and ability to respond that enables them to adapt and lead across constantly changing situations.

Vertical Development builds the capacity to adapt and grow new mindsets for meeting the complex realities of today…and opportunities of tomorrow.

No Boundaries

We believe that organisation’s scale, geography or time zones should not disable their leadership growth.

With our mobile and desktop platforms and remote workshops, your team’s growth can happen anywhere, at anytime.

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