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Grow Your People Leaders

Feedback collected from a 360-degree assessment is a powerful learning and development tool for leaders. It provides insight into the skills and behaviours desired in an organisation to accomplish the mission, vision, goals and ‘living of’ organisational values. 

Depending on your organisation, 360-degree feedback at a high level could be the catalyst you need to align leaders, create a sense of urgency for new business strategy and unlock hidden potential in your people. 

Understand Strengths and Builds

The 360-degree assessment enables a leader to understand their strengths and recommended builds, contributing insights into aspects of their work that need professional development. It’s an entirely confidential process which is designed to spotlight what leaders are doing well and where they could improve in their day to day work as seen by their peers.

What To Expect as a Sponsor

Leaders are kept accountable for their management decisions and impact,

Channels of communication are opened between leaders and management,

Better feedback from multiple sources,

Improved team development and cohesion,

Career development opportunities for leaders in the organisation.

What To Expect as a Leader

Scheduled debrief meeting with a certified coach,

Define your role and place in the organisation,

Talk about your leadership strengths as perceived by peers,

Review qualitative feedback,

Discuss areas for growth,

Leave with awareness action items.

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