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Founded in 2010, JumpShift was born out of the goal to democratise and make leadership development easily accessible to vastly more people than it currently is. We live what we do everyday, partnering with clients to create an ecosystem for leaders to thrive and cement their learning journeys as a continuous cycle, not an episodic ‘flash in the pan’.

Leadership development works. It makes a profound impact in people’s lives, and ongoing lifelong development as adults will be a basic requirement to thrive (or even survive) in an increasingly complex future. Since 2010, we have worked with over 200 clients and their people leaders to make this goal a reality and are well on our way to directly and positively impacting 1 million leaders to be better.

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Our Philosophy

JumpShift starts from the premise that everyone can improve. Think of the best performing people that you have ever worked with. Do they stop learning and improving? Probably not. This means there is always a gap between what people and organisations are achieving today and what we could be achieving. We believe this is a gap worth closing. How? Take action. You learn from what you do. Even better, take smart action.

Smart action is well planned, informed by reality, research and reflection. Actions on their own are no silver bullet. But make taking smart action a habit and the wins outweigh the misses. It becomes a tidal wave. You and your organisation become more adaptable and achieve even more.

True Partnering

JumpShift prides itself on creating partnerships with clients. 100% of our customers have shared that the difference between partnering with JumpShift and other leadership providers has been the genuine connections developed through these engagements. 

This partnership extends to a formal governance structure that ensures all aspects of our leadership programmes are monitored and corrective actions identified and implemented immediately. We work alongside you from start to finish to ensure a seamless and successful outcome.

Championing Smart Action

We use leadership development tools and approaches that are aligned to business outcomes. JumpShift utilises a strength-based approach to support leaders in the application of their skills to solve real business challenges and in doing so evolve leadership capability for people to thrive in VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) environments.

Participants of JumpShift programmes are encouraged to grow in the spaces they already hold. This involves trying new approaches, utilising tools and planning actions to evolve what and how they operate for better results faster. Actions are not ‘on top of their day job’, rather, they are embedded into their day job and working on, not in the business.

Coaching is modelled in the way we facilitate and deliver our programmes. JumpShift places high importance on cultivating a psychologically safe environment for leaders of all levels to ‘give it a go’ and be supported by those in the room.


We customise our programmes to meet your needs.

Digital Learning

Access to a 24/7 coach in your pocket.

Learning Journey

Based on a cultivating an environment for leaders to grow.

Grounded in Research

Our methods are backed by the latest research into professional development, leadership development and behaviour change. Fill out the contact form to download the white paper and find out more about the JumpShift method and how a best practice learning and development programme uses them.

Overview: The workplace environment that managers are facing has changed. The world has become more complex and volatile, and the speed of this change in most industries appears to be accelerating. Correspondingly, the skills needed by leaders to succeed have also changed, with more sophisticated and adaptive thinking required.

The learning and development industry, as well as academia, has spent a number of decades focused on what makes a great leader. However, the rapidly changing environment means this is no longer just a leadership challenge (what good leadership looks like); it is a development challenge (what causes people to grow). Most managers have become experts on the topic of leadership, but relative novices on the process of development.

For the past several decades, classroom-based training has been the dominant method for developing leaders in organisations. Yet, in the last twenty years many organisations have begun rebalancing their development programmes in order to address some of the limitations of classroom based training which include:


Time Commitment

The difficulty of removing leaders from work for long periods of time.


Lack of ‘transfer’ back to the workplace.


The inability of ‘content’ trainings to produce behaviour change.

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