LOGOS Profile

For individuals, teams and organisations

Unparalleled Insight Into Your People

  • Powerful and scalable psychometric assessment. 
  • Creates honesty through a true value system (preventing self deception).
  • Reveals the true values and priorities of your leaders.
  • Promotes accurate and empowering conversations for development, genius, and blindspots.

All in One Tool

Unique View

A personalised view of each team member’s highest and weakest traits that form the basis of their performance.

Know Your Team

Enables the understanding of the core drivers and motivations of each individual.

Role Fit

Produces incredible ‘role fit’ equations that can predict a leaders growth in a role.

Empowering Development

Identify your people leaders unique zone of genius, growth edges, and the development conversations that will evolve your team’s self awareness, effectiveness, and engagement for the long haul.

You’ll identify underdeveloped aspects of character – which could be causing conflict or prevent leaders from reaching their goals – and be shown a pathway to move forward.This results in individuals feeling deeply seen and acknowledged for who they are, which in turn leads to greater engagement and retention.

Understand Each Team Member’s Zone of Genius

The Logos is a powerful psychometric assessment that provides an unparalleled level of insight into your team. Featuring over 1.4 trillion unique zone of genius results, individuals are not labeled or forced into a ‘type’ alongside millions of others. Instead, they receive a personalised view into their highest and weakest traits that form the basis of their performance. Logos produces incredible ‘role fit’ equations that can predict a leaders success or failure within their current role, and can be used to help identify talent within the organisation, ensuring leaders are put in a position to succeed. Logos measures your development in forty-two total traits in seven primary categories:








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